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“ this is a place where you experiment just like a laboratory and keep experimenting till you get the right result.”

-  Mr.Ch. Jayarao

Mr.Ch. Jayarao, is the visionary, founder and director of THEATRELAB ACTORS WORKSTATION who started his journey as a theatre person in 1983. . He came to Chennai with only one dream to become a renowned Theatre Director with social awareness. Mr.Rao chose to move to the lime light in the eighties and has acted in more than 560 performances . 150 stage shows and more than 400 street play productions respectively.

He is an exponent of lost art forms such as Theru-K-Koothu, Devarattam, Parraiattam, Kolattam, Thudumbattam, Silambam, Sarala, Kalari, Thai-chi, Gymnastics and Thangtha. He is one among few people who teach these lost traditional art forms, mostly forgotten due to westernization in Chennai. He is an extensively trained former senior Actor of koothupattarai.



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THEATRELAB ACTORS WORKSTATION practices Zen Methodology which teaches one to experience every emotion in its fullest

  • Theatrelab is a contemporary theatre group which is a class apart from the restof the acting schools and rapidly creating a niche in the industry.

  • Theatrelab is not just a drama group but also a training centre for Aspiring actors.

  • The courses are designed considering the different age group of people,and especially for the children with special needs

  • Theatrelab has staged many dramas and all of them are with ameture artists.

  • Mr.Rao believes it is achallenge to work with fresher's than with experienced artists.The very same drama has been staged several times with different inexperienced artists but it always has had the same magic on stage

Our Mission

  • To develop a socially-productive and -Responsive Youth.

  • To empower society,directly ,to create and sustain an empathetic response to social development through plays.

  • To evolve a theatre-based pedagogy for the development of Children.

Our Vision

  • Build a Resoruce Centre to train in theatre,resource persond and facilitator to house research material,scripts,properties,curriculum and the like and to be a repository of the existing and future knowledge on theatre techniques,its areas of application and their results.

  • Combine the knowledge and experience gained from working in various schools to use theatre and theatrical elements to create a Theatre Arts Curriculum for children in general and pedagogy for children with special needs in particular.

  • Communicate to society - the need to create and sustain an empathetic awarness of various social issues by empowering through theatre NGOs/NPOs engaged in social development.

THEATRELAB is a professional Theatre company, which deals with Innovative themes

1.     Actor Preparatory Program

2.     Creative Learning Program

3.     Retreat Theatre

4.     Life Theatre For Corporate


In 2005 TheatreLab was conceived by C.H.Jayarao. TheatreLab is not only a drama group but is also a training center for aspiring actors. They offer a variety of courses for the mentally disabled, physically challenged, underprivileged and the privileged. TheatreLab has staged a lot of dramas and all of them are with amateur artists. Jayarao believes it is a challenge to work with fresher’s, than with experienced artists. The very same drama has been staged several times with different inexperienced artists but it always has had the same magic on stage.

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Reviews About Theatrelab

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"Taking individual care.

Good People surrounding and friends .Learning new things day by day.Experience improvement myself lovely and experienced.. finished one month still 2 months to go....Thank You"

- Sharmila

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"Awesome experience in each day in theatrelab ..unforgettable journey with this guys.. One of the finest place for learning..."

- Sathya

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"If you are someone at a crossroad regarding your cine dreams and you think that you do not know your way forward then TheatreLab is the place that can guide you in the right path!!!!"

- Joseph



 Mahaveer Complex,

No: 6, Munusamy Salai, Bangaru Colony, K. K. Nagar, Chennai,

Tamil Nadu 600078

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