Theatrelab Achievements


1. Banyan street play on mental illness, awareness.

2. “Mudiyathasaman” Gopikrishna’s solo performance at Thakkar baba centre

3. “Help line” Banyan street play at the commissioner office, Egmore , 7 shows

4. Some poems by S. Vaideeswaran’s, performed by Theatrelab actors.

5. Dental Awareness . 1. street play 2. clown show 3. puppet show at Annamalai University

6. ICCW child workers program

7. Mathuram Narayana Centre, exceptional children cultural program at German all. Designed by Ch. Jayarao.

8. Lady Andal Mat.Hr.Sec school Annual Program at Chinmaya Heritage Centre, Presentation of the play The last five seconds      of Mahatma Gandhi .


1. Theatrelab conducted free theatre workshop at Poonthamalli “Blind school” and gave cloths and money by Theatrelab actors 2. First year anniversary “Last five seconds of Gandhi” stage play at Alliance Francise on 22nd & 23rd July.

3. Traditional Dance & Theatre training for the students of M.O.P Vishnava college.

4. Lighting design for Little Theatre’s “Romeo & Juliet in Mexico and Don’t stop us now”

5. A street play on Environment by Chetpet corporation school students performed in 5 main slum areas of the city.

6. Theatre one day workshop for Ramco cements senior officers

7. Thudumbu performance in Sancalp Anniversary function nov 26

8. Summer camp for 10 days in Trichi Tiny Toots Montessori school.

9. Dec 4 to8 Thapattam workshop at NFSC. 10. Dec 9 to 11 Theatre workshop at Karur school


1. “Thulir” Child abuse street play in 24 Corporation Schools

2. “Hand to Hand” street play on cleanliness and the use of toilets in Kanchipuram

3. Second anniversary of Theatrelab - One day Theatre festival - Staged Plays – Sangeetha Paithiyam and Nadhi Ariyadhu.

4. Street play for traffic awareness at Tambaram

5. Children’s play at Oxford book stores.

6. MASTER Acted in Tamil film “Adum koothu” It got National award “ Best regional film”

7. Documentary film for ACTRESS Rohini

8. Documentary film for Abilash

9. summer camp at ICCW.

10. Theatre workshop for Ratik theatre group in Bangalore

11. Children workshop in Dhakshan chithra.

12. Thapattam workshop for BPO’s


1. Coordinate 6 folk events in Chennai Sangamam

2. Summer camp theatre work shop for- Pathway (Mel maruvathur)

3. Third anniversary of Theatrelab – two day event of a play” Maha udan pathu natkal”.

4. one month theatre training presentation for MCC students at Airforce ground, Avadi.

5. Thudumbu workshop for I.C.F Scout.

6. A 5 months folk workshop in N.F.S.C.

7. Four months Theatre work shop at Anna Nagar Good Books.

8. Music for “Vaalivadam” performed by Nungambakkam corporation school children


1. Theatre demo at “Gurukul school” for World women’s day.

2. Fourth year anniversary of Theatrelab “Sangeetha Paithiyam” written by Pammal sambanda mudaliyar. staged at Alliance Francise , Prasad studio , Egmore museum theatre , Purisai Koothu festival .

3. Theatre program for Cancer institute - 2009

4. Theatre play by Theatrelab “Kalai iravu” saidapet

5. Folk art workshop at Mylapore festival

6. Kalai iravu, Tha. Mu. Yea. Sa. Festival at Thiruvannamalai.

7. Folk drums and dance performance in Nehru stadium for “corporate sports day.”

8. Two day summer camp in SRV Mat.Hr.Secschool.

9. Group dance performance in Madhurai“ Magalir Kalai Vizha” organized by Tmt. Sivagami IAS .

10. Street play for traffic awareness.

11. Ten days workshop for pathway NGO for destitute children.

12. Folk dance presentation for “Salcom” in Palavakam

13. Theatre work shop demo for “Hippo campus”

14. Management work shop for IRMA. Gujarath.

15. One month theatre presentation workshop for NCC students at CRPF ground in Avadi


1. Fifth year anniversary of Theatrelab – Staged “Vaikom” and “Varavu selavu

2. Street theatre work shop for “Thiranai” Physical disabled people.

3. Endiran – Full C.G movement work for the scene Mosquito.

4. Four days Summer camp in SRV Mat.Hr.Secschool ,Trichi.

5. Street play for kidney awareness in Spencer Plaza.

6. Eight days acting training workshop for the movie Karungali – Director Mu.Kalangiyum.

7. Six months creative help in movie Om Obama.

8. Ten days summer camp in Maharishi Mat.Hr.Secschool.

9. Acting training workshop for Heroines in movie – Malai pozhudin mayakathilay.

10. Six months Theatre workshop in the weekends for Slum children – Gopalapuram.

11. 2008- 2010 Theatre workshop for Royapettah Slum children – every six months.

12. 2005 - 2010 Theatre Therapy and Music therapy for learning disable children in Sankalp.

13. 2010 casting direction for the movie om obama directed by Janaki viswanathan.

14. 2010. A Stage play called ‘SAPTHANGAL” at spaces

15. 2010.Summer Camp workshop at SRV.matriculation school in trichy

16. 2004 -2010 Theatre workshop for the students of class 6th 7 th & 8th standard in Chetpet Corporation School – every six months completed.


1. Street play creating awareness for mental illness for Banyan.

2. A Full Day Theatre Festival in Alliance Franchise four plays. SAPTHANGAL AND


4. Thapattam & Mime Workshop At Nageswara Park (mylapore)

5. Folk Presentation to promote AMARON Battery company in Thirupatti.

6. Thapattam Workshop At HIPPOCAMPUS in Adyar.

7. Theme Dance Choreographed with Queen Mary’s College Girls for world women’s day performed in Madurai


1. Theatre Workshop for RAMCO cement Senior Managers

2. Thappatam Workshop At HIPPOCAMPUS in Adyar.

3. . “AAM BRUNO AVARGAL KUTRAVAALIGALE” It is a life of Mathematical Scientist

4. Jadilno Bruno .An Stage play at LLA Building and in WIN TV

5. Shakespeare’s MACBETH Rehearsal Starts on At Editor B.LENIN’s Garden

6. Casting direction For Feature Film Karungaali.

7. Theatre Lab Promotion through the Channel SS Music

8. “Sindhubaath in Manaivi”. staged at SPACES and in Theatrelab

9. Girish karnad’s“NAAGAMANDALAM” at Theatrelab



2. GOVT-programme-10days “PUDHUVAAZHVU” thittam. (20/5/13 to 30/5/13).

3. 27.7.13 POI VISARANAI. A stage play At Theatrelab.

4. 10th august POI VISARANAI. A stage play At Theatrelab.

5. 14th September SINDHUBATHIN MANAIVI, a stage play at Theatrelab


7. Field trip to remote villages


1. APPAVUM PILLAIYUM staged by Theatrelab actors in Theatrelab

2. KATHAIGAL KAATHTHIRUKKINDRANA” 17 short stories are performed at “SPACES” Besant nagar.

3. Kathavu- Panjaththu Aandi - Puli Kalangnan – Gurupeedam- Neerami - Odiya Kaalgal – Chaalanam - Appaavin Veshti –     Pachchai Kanavu - Yezhumbillatha Naakku – Kadavulum Kanthasaamiyum - Seethaimaark Seekkaaiy Thool –         Meethamirukkum – Sorkal - Natchaththira Kuzhanthaigal - Kaattile Oru Maan - Amma Oru Kolai Seithaal – Azhiyaachudar -   Agni Pravesham

4. Street plays performed 30 shows in 24 villages at kaaraikkudi (sivagangaidristict).



7. NEETHIKKAAGA KAATHTHIRUPPAVARGAL at book point, Manushyaputhiranin book release



2. 3 days theatre workshop at Loyola college

3. 3 days theatre workshops at MCC college ,tambaram

4. one week theatre workshop at AICUF

5. 10 days theatre workshop at St. joseph college, Trichy

6. Theatre Workshop at WIPRO


1. Field trip to kanchipuram villages

2. Theatre workshop at AMARON battery company

3. Theatre workshop at ARISTOCRAT

4. Conducted awareness program for handicapped people at marina beach…

5. Conducted awareness program regarding pollution with Loyola college social work department

6. OOZHIYIN DHINANGAL - stage play by Theatrelab at kamarajar arangam

7. Therukoothu workshop


1. Conducted 20 street plays in tiruvallur to perambur railway stations regarding RAILWAY SAFETY MEASURES

2. Therukoothu workshop at Kanchipuram

3. Theatre classes at St. Brito matric. & CBSC school, adambakam for one year

4. Theatre classes in their academic syllabaus for kamala Niketan Montessori school has started

5. 3 days Theatre Workshop at MGR university

6. one month Theatre workshop at i2 GLOBAL School, kelembakkam


1. Theatre classes in kamala Niketan school, Trichy – 2nd year

2. Siru kadhaigal – 6 stories staged at Theatrelab

3. Theatre workshop at besant corporation school for 2 months every weekend

4. Street plays with Loyola PG media students regarding youth power at Anna nagar tower park

5. Theatre workshop at MGR university 2nd year

6. 40 Street plays about education system & political system all around Chennai

7. Traditional Dance Workshop and siilambam workshops at Anna nagar tower park

8. One day theatre workshop cavin kare school, cuddalore


1. Theatre classes in kamala Niketan school, Trichy – 3rd year

2. MGR university theatre classes

3. Theatre workshop at PSG college

4. one day theatre workshop at SRM university

5. Street play choreo for MOP vaishnav college road safety

6. Guest lecture at Bharathi college, thanjavur

7. Theatre workshop at PAYPAL


NAARKAALIKAARARGAL - Tamil Theatre play by Theatrelab Actors on FEB 15th at Spaces