He has acted in great variety of roles for the past 35 years in all such as Stage plays, street plays, Radio plays, Film Documentaries, Ad films & feature films.

After his extensive training in koothu pattarai he decided to start his own institute THEATRELAB ACTORS WORKSTATION in 2005

Has conducted many theatre/voice workshops for children in Schools and Special Schools like Sankalp, Alpha to Omega, Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Exceptional Children, voluntary bodies like Madras Craft Foundation, Krishnamurthy Foundation of India, Ability Foundation, Abacus (organized by Sarika Kamal Haasan) Has conducted literacy programme for actor-training workshops. He has also conducted a 4 days workshop to enable a group of Transsexuals to develop a Play on their lack of human rights and their struggles to claim their rights for WINS at Tirupathi. Recently, he designed and conducted a special programme for children in culture & Environment and Scientific Craft Learning on behalf of Dhakshina Chitra.


Has taken part in all performances of Koothu-p-Pattarai including Street plays, Radio plays, and Film documentaries, acting in a great variety of roles, working in diverse styles of portrayal under many established directors. and he also directed most of the plays and staged more than 600 performances . most notable one is, he has acted and directed a Solo, “Appavum Pillayum” in 2003, that was widely acclaimed and praised by hindu and times of india . Has acted in Malayalam and Tamil movies. he has been a personal trainer for some successful Actors in Tamil Film Industry


Leicester Hay Market Theatre(British Council), Thana Therinjukkanum by Natesh, Saavithri by Veena Pani Chawla, God Has Changed His Name by Dr.Avanti Meduri (Visiting Professor, Performing Arts, North West University, New York).


Has received Junior Fellowship from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt, of India, New Delhi for two years in the field of “Folk Percussions of South India”.

“ Mr. Rao has been involved in many social awareness programs for a cause. He believes that every human being born in this earth has a social responsibility and must give something back to the society ‘’

After his extensive training for the past 18 years , he decided to start his own institute THEATRELAB ACTORS WORKSTATION in 2005

His Achievements

  • 1999 - Junior fellowship award in the field of Folk Percussions of South India, from the Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India, New Delhi.

  • 2009 – Best Theatre Director   Award by ThirupureArima Group – KalayElakiya Association. This is the first time that this prestigious award has been given to a theater play and Mr. Rao is very happy to have received it.

  • Mr. Rao believes that an award is nothing but apitiesers to his journey towards his goal. He is called as Master by everybody but he is truly a Master of all trades.


           Body and voice training                    -                   Ingeborge Mayer

           Creativity in circus                                                  Elizabeth Wilbekin’s

           Voice modulation                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Michel

           Exercises & Improvisations                                   John Martin

           Pantomime and mime                                            Frederick Herrana

           Zen meditation                                                         A. Samy Body

           Expression                                                                  Anita Khanzadian

           Concentration centres                                            Mattes & Carola Goya

           Clown theatre (French)                                          Francois Cervantes

           Clown theatre                                       -                     Vincent Rouche

           Clown workshop (U.K)                                          Rossy Gibbs

           Back stage                                                                    Leicester Hay market Theatre

           Clown theatre                                                            Francois Cervantes

           Mime workshop                                                   British Council & Orlando Morenu

           Voice exercise                                                              Heidi Walter

           Acrobatics                                                                   George Traber

           Zen in Theatre                                                           Gil Alon

           Theatre therapy                                                         Anand Chabukswar



Clown and Speech                                                  -         Mr. Bansi kaul & Mr. Anmol Vellani

Theatre exercise                                                       -        Mr. K.C.Manavendranath & Mr.Kanhailal

Koodiyattam                                                            -       Mr. P. V. Ravindran

Exercises in observation & Puppet making     -        Mr. M. Natesh

Acting ( Mask)                                                         -        Nirupama Nithyanandham & Merry Baul                                                                                                                 Alain Muskin

Theatre group                                                         -        Dummy horse Mr. Somu Rao

Lighting                                                                    -        Dr. C. Raveendran

Carnatic music and Thala                                   -       Dr. Karaikudi Subramaniam

Chhau                                                                       -       Mr. Bharat Sharma

Story telling                                                             -        Ms. Sasikala Anand

Dance                                                                        -       Ms. Ranjapathy Sircar

Intensive music                                                      -         Mr. K . Subramaniam

Pronounciation                                                     -          Mr. N . Govindaswamy

Bharadhanatyam                                                   -          Ms. V.R. Devika

Vipassana Meditation                                          -          Vipassana Meditation Centre